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Shanghai Chemspec Corporation has four manufacturing facilities located at Shanghai Fenxian Chemical Industry Park, Zhejiang Quzhou Hi-Tech Park, and Gansu Lanzhou Industry Park, respectively. They are all equipped with different types and various sizes of reaction vessels suitable for many types of organic chemical reactions.

Overview of the four production sites:

Shanghai Site

Land area:  65,000m2      Employee:  300

Number of workshop: 11  Reactor size:  50L~6300L

Production site at Lanzhou Industry Park (under construction)


Quzhou Site 1 (Zhejiang province)

Land area:  55,000m2     Employee: 300

Number of workshop: 5  Reactor size:  1000L~5000L


Quzhou Site 2 (Zhejiang province)

Land area:  22,700m2     Employee:  150

Number of workshop: 2  Reactor size:  500L~3000L

Production equipments in the four sites:

  • Reactor Volume:  2.0 Million Liters
  • Reactor Size:  30-10,000 Liters
  • Operating temperature:  -80 ℃ to 240 ℃






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