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Chemspec Exclusive Synthesis has been dedicated to optimum performance in multi-step complex chemistry, especially working with fluorine-containing materials. This continuous endeavor leads to extraordinary process development skills, which means that we can guarantee process quality and safety at superior level.


Chemspec Exclusive Synthesis is committed to consistent improvement in every process,focused on bringing total value to our customers. 


Our unique expertise includes,

  ●   Fluorination, Chlorination & Bromination

  ●   Suzuki Coupling (special Pd catalysts, boronic acid/esters)

  ●   Lithiation and Grignard reaction

  ●   Oxidation and Reduction

  ●   Friedel-Crafts Acylation and Alkylation

  ●   Aminination

  ●   Chloromethylation

  ●   Cyanation

  ●   Diazotization

  ●   Esterification

  ●   Wittig Reaction


Please contact Chemspec if you're searching for,

  ■   Any fluoride chemicals

  ■   Multi-step complex chemistry process development

  ■   Process safety

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