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Electronic Chemicals

Overall growth and technological innovation of electronic devices increases the global demand for high quality and high purity electronic chemicals.  Chemspec Exclusive Synthesis offers expertise in process and technology development  and supplies superior electronic chemicals for display, semiconductor and other material for information technology.


Polymer Application

Chemspec Exclusive Synthesisproducts are used as,

  ●  Activators in the industrial production of POEs for metallocene catalysts systems

  ●  Special monomers for PC, PI and other function polymers

  ●  Polymer additives for UV resistance, cross-linking reaction, etc


Green Energy

There' s  nothing  more  important  than clean energy in future,  so Chemspec Exclusive Synthesis makes meeting  those

expectations to provide additives for Li-cell electrolyte and solar cell encapsulation.


Pharmaceutical Chemicals

The  value  of  Chemspec Exclusive Synthesisfor Pharma Chemicals focuses on a spectrum of early clinical to commercial

services that are aligned with the long-term needs of pharmas and biotechs for small molecule projects.

  ■  Technology Transfer and Commercial Launch

  ■  Late Stage Clinical (Phase 2 and Phase 3) for new drugs

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