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We  regard Environment,  health and safety as an important operational and social responsibility.  We  have consistently

endeavored to maintain and improve our environmental, health and safety systems to try to maintain among the highest standards   of   chemical  manufacturers   based  in  China   and  to  respond  rapidly  and  effectively  to  all  regulatory

developments requiring more stringent standards.

We  are currently  in  compliance with applicable environmental regulations in all material aspects and have all necessary

environmental permits to operate our business as it is presently conducted.


In compliance with law, we provide periodic health checks for all employees to reduce the risk of work-related illnesses. In  recent  years,  we  have  undertaken  many  measures  to  improve  our  facilities' safety  and  we  maintain  a  safety

management  system  that  sets  targets  against  which  performance is measured.  We  have  adopted  detailed safety

procedures  based on production methods of each plant in compliance with national safety guidelines, i ncluding weekly

safety  inspections  and training in safe work practices for our employees.  In addition,  our facilities have been  audited

and approved by several major international pharmaceutical companies for compliance with their own quality assurance standards and PRC environmental, health and safety standards.





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